Rare Replay Does Pre-Ordering Right

Microsoft is rejoicing in their upcoming title Rare Replay with a creative and entertaining twist on trailers and how they are going about ask the gaming community to pre-order games. Is their pre-order trailer a plea to get gamers to invest in buying their game, or just another creative idea from the minds of Rare to celebrate gaming?

The opening of Rare Replay’s pre-order trailer was oddly entertaining as its promotional video in a musical number form was entirely devoted to the thirty years of Rare and their games that can be found on the Xbox One collection. A gamer can not go through a day without being plagued by the dreaded pleas from publishers to pre-order their games before reviewers get a chance to toss out their thoughts at the community. They bribe players with deals and in-game bonuses that bring nothing to the game, but after a quick view of Rare’s pre-order trailer, faith has been restored in the gaming universe.

The trailer is an amusing and Raretaining twist on marketing strategies and demonstrating that Rare and possibly Microsoft are paying attention to the community and understanding what makes them tick and what makes them jump up and down with glee and pure delight. At no point does the trailer try to bribe or sway the gamer with pointless objects or in game gifts to pre-order their game. The entire trailer is just a musical number that makes you want to buy the game surely from its creative awesomeness. It does everything a trailer should do, conveying to the viewer what they’re getting in their purchase and sets in a catchy and entertaining tune to keep you thinking about it long after the video ends.

While pre-ordering used to be a method of securing a game so you wouldn’t be out of luck on day one, pre-ordering has decentralized into a deceiving illusion. Once the player has strain through the useless action figures, pointless DLC and other nonsensical encouragements to lure unsuspecting gamers into buying their game, it’s easy to realize you’re being sold the artificial idea of product security. Pre-ordering is pointless in most all situations, as odds are you’ll be able to find a new game on the day it launches even if its sold out at your local Best Buy or Walmart. Rare, on the other hand, has created a classy pre-order video that neither begs or tries to incentives a player to go out and place down five dollars on their game early.

For anyone who has played these games in the past when they were first released on Nintendo 64 consoles and Xbox 360, a rush of nostalgia will come over you when seeing all your favorite gaming character pop up onto the screen in stick pop fashion. Rare Replay will be releasing on August 4 and anyone who owns an Xbox One should buy it as there will never be a better deal than 30 Rare games for 30 bucks.