Strategy RPG ‘Armello’ Launches September 1 on PS4, PC

A new, colorful take on strategy games, Armello is a playfully animated, anthropomorphic animal-starring, board and card game-style adventure. Players will play as a “Hero” from one of the four animal clans in the game: Rat, Rabbit, Bear, or Wolf.

The map, or rather “board”, is composed of procedurally generated 3D hexagonal tiles. Story is really important in Armello, and developer League of Geeks put no small amount of work into fleshing out the pretty visuals and building the world through back-story and beautiful, cartoon-style art.

Gameplay itself is a fancy mix of card game and board game. Taking part of what you would see in a fantasy-style tabletop board game, Armello is about the four different animal clans fighting to take the throne of a fantasy land of the same name after the current king goes mad due to a spreading plague called Rot.

Armello spent some time in Steam Early Access but is now ready for a full release on PC/Mac/Linux and PlayStation 4 on September 1. See below for a gameplay overview.


Source: PlayStation Life Style