Why RockSteady Should Make an Avatar: The Last Airbender Game

The Avatar universe has come to a sudden wind down after the conclusion of The Legend of Korra series. Co-Creators Bryan Konietzko and Mike DiMartino had spoke about future comic books in the works, but will we ever see a good Avatar game?

“There are more [Avatar: The Last Airbender] comics in the works, there may be some other little things, some products here and there, but other than that, nothing major in the works, and there probably won’t be for a long time. We’re moving on to other projects,” said Konietzko during an interview shortly after the end of the Korra series run. Although it is sad that we may never get to watch another episode in this densely structured and thriving universe, there are still other mediums avid fans can get their bending fix.

Regrettably for gamers, that other medium has been given a Hulkbuster beating to death, brought back to life, and then beaten to death once more followed by dropping a nuclear bomb on it. Over the course of Avatar (The Last Airbender) lifetime there have been there has been seven console and PC games along with one Plug and Play game and all of these games were hideous second cousins of the TV Show. Not one out of the eight titles were remotely good or did justice for the fans of the series, resulting in no invested effort to create any new games or expand the series already massive fanbase.

Now with everyone speculating on what Rocksteady’s next game might be whether it would be set in the DC universe or outside it, wouldn’t it be great if Rocksteady were able to take a crack at the Avatar universe? Thanks to continued success of Nickelodeons The Legend of Korra, Avatar has been brought to the television sets of an entirely new generation of young minds who are greatly interested in technology. It is understandable why no one is tossing this game into a working project due to its track recorded and utter failures for decent licensed games, but this wouldn’t be that difficult of a game for Rocksteady to make.

The basic gameplay mechanics from the Arkham games would transition rather well with a few tweaks to encompass bending into the fighting mechanic, although to make it stand on its own two feet, they could lighten the tone to keep it more of an Avatar one. Frankly, if Rocksteady can make a series of remarkable games about Batman who’s had his fair share of crummy games, just imagine what they could fashion with a character with nothing to lose. The Avatar Universe has so much lore to work with that the possibilities for original stories for the characters all ready established are endless along with the possibility to craft an entirely new set of characters for the universe as well.

A set-up the revolved around Aang’s later years picking up on his adventures and struggles after defeating the fire lord would be amazing or a game completely about Zuko who is a fan favorite for many. The possibilities are literally endless if the games were developed in the right hands; just take a minute to imagining an open-world Arkham style Avatar game. Who doesn’t want that?