New Star Wars Battlefront Mode ‘Blast’ Detailed

Today, the publishers at EA talked about one of the new modes in the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront. Blast is a classic team deathmatch style game mode with no vehicles, no Heroes/Villains and smaller, close quarters maps.

Each game will last ten minutes, or until one team gets to a hundred kills. They say they want the mode to be fast paced and fun, and keeping it down to these restrictions will seemingly do that. There will still be guns lying around and other upgrades, though, so it’s not completely cut down to run-and-gun.

Unlike in previous Battlefield games, the smaller team death game mode will not take place in a boarded off section of the bigger maps. There will be completely new, smaller maps to play Blast on. For example, Blast on Hoth will take place inside the Wampa ice caves, rather than outside and in the Rebel base. DICE is trying to change things up, and make different maps on the same planet look different between the different game modes. Different lighting and times of day will also give the maps a different look that will help make them feel dynamic.

Blast will coming to Battlefront at the time of release on November 17.