Colorful Platformer INK Hits Steam This Wednesday

Fans of the fast-paced, high-precision, and mercilessly difficult 2D platformer Super Meat Boy may see something familiar in INK’s more simplified art style and platforming gameplay. However, INK separates itself from the crop by adding a nice twist to the platforming challenge: you need to paint the environment to see it.

In INK, players play as a white, buoyant cube that delightfully resembles a healthy chunk of tofu. Like in another indie game called Unfinished Swan, entire levels are almost entirely hidden at first and the player must paint the surfaces of the level to see where they can jump to and where they can’t. The surfaces the player-controlled tofu touches get covered in a plethora of different colored ink. Double-jumping will spray ink at the surroundings, and enemies and turrets can also spread ink while trying to kill you. If the player perishes, the tofu will explode into an eruption of ink, making death less punishing than usual.

Advancing and opening the way to the next level or challenge involves killing the enemies present, and boss battles further on serve to shake things up. With its tight, responsive controls, 75 levels, and many pretty colors, ardent platformer fans may want to keep an eye on INK when it comes out this week.

Watch the release trailer for the game below. INK comes out this Wednesday, August 5, on Steam for $4.99 and a 10% launch week discount. There are also plans for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox One versions of the game in the near future.