Burly Men at Sea Set Sail for a Greenlight Storybook Adventure

Once in an indeterminate time, in an far-away land, three fishermen set out looking for adventure.  The early 20th century seemed like it should hold more than simply fishing off the shores of Scandinavia, and they were determined to find it.  With the player guiding their every action, the fishermen encountered new stories and creatures of folklore in every retelling of their tale.  One likes to think it will be a good life for them, once they navigate the shallow reefs of Steam Greenlight and sail over the turbulent tides of development.

Burly Men at Sea is the new adventure game from Brain & Brain that just landed on Steam Greenlight today.  It’s a storybook adventure about three fishermen with the bushiest beards every to grace the oceans, searching for an adventure beyond the familiar world they know.  It’s the new game from Brain & Brain, the husband and wife development team known for the adventure game Doggins, and like their previous game it has a unique and appealing art style.  The teaser trailer is instantly likeable and filled with more small touches in design than the minimalist style seems like it should hold.  Head on over to Greenlight and vote this up, because there’s no way anyone should ever disappoint anything with the magnificent facial hair of Burly Men at Sea.