Devil’s Third is Ready to Launch in Europe

Nintendo and Valhalla Studios have released a crazy launch trailer for Devil’s Third. The game will launch exclusively on the Wii U on August 28 in Europe, but not till later this year in North America.

Devil’s Third isĀ  Tomonobu Itagaki’s (Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2) latest creation that blends together third-person hack-and-slash mechanics with shooting mechanics. You play as Ivan and must track down your former allies who have shifted the balance of military power throughout the world by wiping out all satellites. It sounds crazy, but looks like it can be good fun.

Of course, Devil’s Third contains a robust multiplayer suite, probably the most robust of any game ever released on the Wii U. There are a ton of game modes, clan features, alliances, character customization, and even a co-op horde mode called Rampage.