Supermassive Games Reveals New Until Dawn Trailer

Developer Supermassive Games released on Thursday a new trailer for the upcoming interactive survival horror title Until Dawn.

Until Dawn’s latest trailer, which can be viewed below, reiterates the importance of the butterfly effect, a core mechanic that allows the player to dictate the course of the story by making game-changing decisions.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s Tim Hodges posted on the PlayStation Blog that using a butterfly effect in Until Dawn “means there are thousands of potential branches to every player’s individual story.”

“The thing is, you won’t always know what impact your choices will have until after you’ve made them — it was important to us that players shouldn’t second guess their path through the story of Until Dawn,” he explained. “It’s only after you’ve made a decision that you’ll find out the consequences of that choice, sometimes only hours later.”

Last month, Supermassive Games released a nine-minute gameplay video that focused on two of the eight controllable characters in Until Dawn — Jessica and Mike — as well as confirmation that development on the title had been finished.

Supermassive Games has assembled a cast of well-known Hollywood actors for its horror IP, which includes Heroes star Hayden Panettiere and Prison Break actor Peter Stormare.

Until Dawn is scheduled for release in North America on August 25, August 26 in PAL territories and August 28 in the UK and Ireland exclusively for PlayStation 4.