New Live-Action Yo-kai Watch Busters Commercials Feature a Ferocious Komasan

Here in the west we’re still waiting on Yo-kai Watch’s official debut, but over in Japan the series is awaiting its third full entry after a pair of action-oriented spinoff games, titled Yo-Kai Watch Busters. An expanded and more realized version of a minigame that featured in Yo-Kai Watch 2, Busters released last month in two versions on 3DS.

Yo-Kai Watch remains an enormously huge deal in Japan, and Level-5 is making sure that momentum stays strong with a set of live-action commercials featuring a surprisingly ferocious interpretation of Komasan, the mascot Yo-Kai of the White Dog Unit version of Busters. Who know if us westerns will ever get to play a localized version of Busters, but if Yo-Kai Watch’s North American launch later this year is met with enough appraise, it just might happen. Dare to dream, and all that.