Dragon Age: Inquisition Welcomes the Silent Sister in New Update

Our favorite RPG of 2014 is still growing and receiving constant updates with its latest adding new a character. Today, the game adds the Silent Sister, Pala, to multiplayer modes.

Pala benefits you during combat when completely surrounded. Some might feel a bit intimidated or even frightened when the odds seem stacked against you, but with Pala in the middle of it all can put you at ease. Pala’s abilities revolve around inflicting damage to┬ámultiple enemies as well as reduce their defenses. Or, she can focus all her strength into one target which is useful for the final stretch. She’s strong and determined, making her powerful ally to have.

You can check out Pala’s skill tree below and be sure to have the latest patch of the game in order to add Pala to the mix.