Indie Megabooth PAX Prime 2015 Lineup Announced

Indie Megabooth quickly went from a fun diversion to a premier (if not the premiere) destination at PAX. Now in its fourth year, the lineup for the gigantic booth has been announced for PAX Prime 2015. Over 70 independent games — many of which are publicly playable for the first time — will be showcased spread throughout 5,500 square feet of floor space. Standouts include BELOW, D4, Galak-Z, Into the Stars and many more.

Check out the full line-up as well as a trailer below:


Armello – League of Geeks
Awesomenauts – Ronimo Games
Barkley 2 – Tales of Game’s
BELOW – Capybara Games
Butt Sniffin Pugs – SpaceBeagles
Captain Forever Remix – Pixelsaurus Games & Future Crayon
Chasm – Discord Games, Inc.
Darknet – E McNeill
Death Road to Canada – Rocketcat LLC
Distance – Refract
Due Process – Giant Enemy Crab
Eco – Strange Loop Games Inc
Galak-Z – 17-BIT
Gang Beasts – Boneloaf
Hyper Light Drifter – Heart Machine
Infinifactory – Zachtronics
Kathy Rain – Raw Fury
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes – Steel Crate Games, Inc.
La-Mulana 2 – PLAYISM
Ladykiller in a Bind – Love Conquers All Games
Mini Metro – Dinosaur Polo Club
Moon Hunters – Kitfox Games
Mushroom 11 – Untame
Nova Blitz – Dragon Foundry
playsets. – the playsets team, llc
Rising Thunder – Radiant Entertainment
Shoot Shoot Mega Pack – Jon Remedios
Sometimes Always Monsters – Vagabond Dog
Stonehearth – Radiant Entertainment
That Dragon, Cancer – Numinous Games
The Magic Circle – Question LLC
The Westport Independent – Double Zero One Zero
Through the Woods – Antagonist
To Leave – Freaky Creations
Tumblestone – The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild
Ultimate Chicken Horse – Clever Endeavour Games
Universe Sandbox ² – Giant Army
Viking Squad – Slick Entertainment Inc
Wattam – Funomena
XING: The Land Beyond – White Lotus Interactive
YIIK: A Postmodern RPG – Ackk Studios

Absolute Drift – Funselektor Labs Inc.
Antihero – Tim Conkling
Brigador – Stellar Jockeys
Burly Men at Sea – Brain&Brain
Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge – White Guardian Studios LLC
Check-in, Knock-out – Lionade Games
Circa Infinity – Kenny Sun
Cloud Grove – bromoco
Evergreen – Siege Sloth Games
FutureGrind – Milkbag Games
Gnomoria – Robotronic Games
Interstellaria – Coldrice games LLC
Into the Stars – Fugitive Games
Inversus – Hypersect
Metro Warp – Another Yeti Inc
One More Line – SMG Studio
Pillar – MichaelArts
Poly Bridge – Dry Cactus
Sublevel Zero – Sigtrap
Super Chibi Knight – PestoForce
The King’s Bird – Serenity Forge
Timespinner – Lunar Ray Games LLC
Together: Amna & Saif – Mount Olympus Games
VA-11 HALL-A – Sukeban Games
Cinelinx: A Card Game For People Who Love Movies – Cinelinx Media
Cogs in a Machine – Mikeware
Gruff – Studio Woe
Mech Deck – Off the Shelf
Monikers – Palm Court
Paperback – Tim Fowers
Pleasant Dreams – Aerjen Games
Skiptrace – Skiptrace
Skulldug! – Ruddy Games
Steamcraft – Rock Manor Games

PAX Prime takes place August 30-31 at the Washington State Convention Center. Be sure to check back for our extensive coverage of the Megabooth.