Retro-Futuristic FPS ‘Bootleg Systems’ Seeks Kickstarter Funding

For whatever reason, there’s not as many indie developers looking to create FPSes as there are creating puzzle, platformer, or even adventure titles. Gabriel De Roy is looking to change that with Bootleg Systems.

In Bootleg Systems, players explore the far flung future as they seek to return Earth to a habitable state. Of course, things don’t quite work out as planned, but you end up with a neat Clone Gun. As the name implies, this gun is capable of taking an item and then cloning it (to create platforms, for instance).

The hope is to raise nearly $40,000 (converted from CAD) in funding on Kickstarter to get Bootleg Systems on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’d also be a big help if the shooter can make its way through Steam Greenlight as well.