Learn How to Vote for What Games You Want to Play with PS Plus

Beginning with September, Playstation has offered a new benefit to PS Plus users called Vote To Play.  In addition to the discounts, online play and free games that you receive with the PS Plus membership, Vote to Play gives members the opportunity to vote for one of three games that will be available as part of the following month’s game lineup.  The voting dates for September’s games is between August 13 – 24 and includes the following titles:

1.  Armello:

Described as the perfect mix between board games and video games, Armello blends tactical card play, rpg elements, and tabletop strategy into a living board game.

2.  Grow Home:

Taking the role of a robot searching for the Star Plant in order to save his home planet, Grow Home allows you to do exactly what the title insinuates.  You grow the Star Plant and climb it in order to reach higher ground and reach the stars.

3.  Zombie Vikings:

From the creators of Stick It To The Man! comes Zombie Vikings where you, shockingly, play as different zombie vikings who smash through levels to get the biggest and baddest swords available.

You must be an active Playstation Plus member to vote for the above games and the voting can be done straight from the console.  Below is a quick tutorial, provided by Playstation, on how to vote for the above games: