Super Mutant Alien Assault Explodes onto Early Access Next Week

It’s hard to ignore a game that christens itself the “Citizen Kane” of anything, but maybe it’s apt in this case. Inspired by the excellent Super Crate Box, Super Mutant Alien Assault looks to be an even more frantic 2D action platformer experience.

Players control a security droid┬ádoing its best to destroy every alien it comes across. Leave them alive for too long and they’ll mutate into more powerful forms. Of course, killing is a challenge in and of itself when projectiles and enemies come at you from all angles.

Players can take arms with a huge collection of weapons as they explore randomly-generated levels. Two players can even join in for local co-op. Fans of difficult, arcade-like titles will almost certainly find Super Mutant Alien Assault worth a look when it launches on August 20 via Steam Early Access.