Quantum Break Gets Intense New Box Art

The upcoming third person shooter/TV show from Remedy Entertainment, Quantum Break, has gotten some intense new box art. The game will feature well-recognized actor Shawn Ashmore, who was most noticeably Iceman in the X-Men movies from the early aughts. Ashmore’s character realizes that he can manipulate time and decides to use it to his advantage against a growing threat.

Check out Ashmore in video game form on the new cover:

quantum break box artQuantum Break has been recognized for its graphical fidelity at recent game shows, and it is obvious why looking at the box art. Ashmore looks very much himself and it will be exciting to see how time manipulation feels when it comes to Xbox One this upcoming April. If you’re interested in shooting bad guys while shaping time and space around you, look out for Quantum Break here at Hardcore Gamer.