Rabi-Ribi, a Bullet-Hell Bunny Girl Metroidvania, Hops to Indiegogo

It’s been scientifically proven that nothing in all the universe can stop a bunny girl with a hammer, but that hasn’t stopped the combined forces of anime-inspired gaming from trying.  Admitted, it’s been a long while since Rami tore through the Keio Flying Squadron games, so it’s about time for a reminder.  Rabi-Ribi hit both Indiegogo and Steam Greenlight today, displaying for all to witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational bunny girl.

Rabi-Ribi is a metroidvania starring a melee-focused bunny girl and her ranged-attack fairy friend, running and shooting through a world of adorable yet busty anime girls.  The trailer below shows off fast action, lots of combo attacks, crazy bullet patterns, and super-cute 2D sprite work, with plenty of level and enemy variety to add some weight to its pandering cheesecake content.  The English may be a bit rocky in both the dialogue and Indiegogo pitch, but the game looks sharp and its feature list is very promising.  If the hyperkinetic trailer below catches your attention, head on over to the Greenlight page and the Indiegogo campaign for more details and maybe offer a bit of support.