Pinball Arcade Season 5 Opens with The Getaway: High Speed II

It’s a new year in The Pinball Arcade and therefore a new season, and Season 5 is off to a great start with the Williams classic The Getaway: High Speed II.  This is one of the very few original pinball designs to get a sequel, right beside Black Knight 2000, and it was released while Williams was at the height of their talent.  It’s a fast table with minimal clutter, stylish and clean but with an excellent flow to the shots.  There’s a great balance between lane shots and targets, and the whole game is set to a slightly tinny instrumental version of ZZ Top’s LaGrange.

Season 5 also kicks off with the addition of flipper physics 3.0.  This was a new feature a few months back but only activated on a few tables to start with, but now every table in the game has an expanded bag of tricks to pull from.  The new physics let the player have more options for stopping the ball or passing it from one flipper to another, making shot control much easier once you learn to pull the tricks off reliably.

Finally, the table hint for next month reveals the probably release of a personal favorite in (probably!) F-14 Tomcat.  Five-ball multiball in a crazy-fast and dangerous table?  Oh yes, that’s something to look forward to!