Amiibo News and Clues: New Announcements

Just when the amiibo crazy couldn’t get any bigger, Nintendo announces a huge lineup of amiibos scheduled for the remainder of this year.  The following have no specified retailer where they will be sold at so it would be a good idea to play close attention to your favorite social media site to find out as soon as the information becomes available.  Beginning with the Modern 30th Anniversary Mario, it was announced that it will only be available in a Wii U bundle with Super Mario Maker.  So, in order to get the amiibo, for now, you have to buy the whole system when it becomes available September 11.  The first release after Wave 5b will be Chibi Robo as it will officially be released in the US along with the amiibo figure on October 9.  For those of you excited for Yoshi’s Wooly World and the Yarn Yoshi amiibos, (available October 16), associated with it comes the Mega Yarn Yoshi.  Standing at approximately seven inches tall, Mega Yarn Yoshi will be available in the US on September 15 with a price point of $39.99 USD.

Following the release of the smaller Yarn Yoshi amiibos comes the Amiibo Fighters.  All three of these figures will be released November 1 and will be sold as a 3-pack, (there is no news as to whether or not they will be sold individually at any point).  We will also be getting MewTwo as it will finally be seeing an amiibo release after a showcasing of the prototype back in July at Comic Con for a release date of November 13.  Finally, the last amiibo with an official release date is Falco, with an official date of November 20.  The remaining amiibos for this year are all those that are a part of Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival with Isabelle, Digby, and three amiibo cards being a part of the bundle.  Other characters that will be available are Lottie, Tom Nook, Mable, (which will be the only figures of the series sold individually), KK Slider, Reese, and Cyrus, (which will only be available in a 3-pack).

The real question though is whether or not these amiibos will be available to reserve.  The Retro 3-pack is still available to reserve through GameStop’s website so it seems likely that some of the newly anounced 3-packs might also be reservable soon.  Despite Nintendo’s previous amiibo releases, it seems that the process has begun to get smoother with more people getting the figures that they want.  Finally, to better help guide fans through all the releases, Nintendo has released a ‘roadmap’ that displays the release of everything available for the rest of this year with release dates for games like Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water and Devil’s Third.

Check out the map below as well as a few photos of these amiibos: