Cliff Bleszinski’s ‘Project Bluestreak’ Countdown Site Emerges

Cliff Bleszinski’s next big project, “Project BlueStreak,” has just gotten a countdown timer pointing to a reveal on Wednesday at 12pm ET.

You’d be forgiven if “Cliff Bleszinski” isn’t a name you recognize lately. Bleszinski is best as one of the creators of Gears of War, but took a break from gaming a few years ago. Last year, he announced that he was forming a new studio, Boss Key Productions, and teaming up with publisher Nexon to create a new free-to-play arena shooter for PC. Yesterday, a teaser site called “The Shattering” appeared showcasing some apocalyptic concept art of a city in ruins. Bleszinski cautions that the game will not be post-apocalyptic and that “The Shattering” simply refers to the event that destroyed the city.

We still don’t know what the game is called yet—it is most definitely not called “The Shattering” though—but we don’t have much longer to wait, either.