Dreamcast’s Ghost Blade Gets One Last Trailer Ahead of its Release

STGs are a genre that despite having success on both the Dreamcast and the 360 have not reached the popularity set back in the late 80s and early 90s. While the most ardent fans will go back and forth on whether the genre is alive and kicking or dead, most of us who consider themselves shmup enthusiasts are just happy that we still get any games that involve a scrolling screen and bullet-walls of death. Speaking of the Dreamcast…regardless of the fact that its “official” death occurred well over a decade ago now, it still manages to get brand new games; which leads us to today’s news on Ghost Blade, the forthcoming STG for the Dreamcast.

Developed by HuCast Games, the team behind DUX, Redux and Alice’s Mom’s Rescue, Ghost Blade is due out at the end of this month and has released its last pre-launch trailer today. For a peek at what to expect, hit the video below, though we’ll give a hint: expect to blow up a lot of crap.

Ghost Blade is due out on September 27 exclusively for the Sega Dreamcast (that never gets not weird to write). To pre-order it, head on over to the developer’s website.