Where’s the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Review?

It’s hardly a secret that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is one of our most anticipated games not only of the year, but of the generation. We’ve lavished it with E3 awards since its first appearance, posted every single morsel of news and previewed it constantly. Now just a mere week away from release with the embargo lifted, you may be understandably wondering where our review is.

The only way to have posted a Metal Gear Solid V review as of now is to have based its entirety on the play sessions during Konami’s review event last week. While Konami allowed sufficient time to experience the game — five eight hour gameplay sessions — we felt as if this only provided enough time to complete the base game without experiencing the multitude of extraneous options on offer.

One of our favorite parts of past Metal Gear Solid games, for instance, are Codec conversations. While these are now replaced with cassette tapes, there are hours upon hours of conversations we want to experience as these are notorious for changing the overall vibe and plot conclusions of the game. More still, the Mother Base management system is an integral part of the experience that one could sink dozens of hours into, a system that we were unable to experience.

As such, we’ve decided to hold off our final judgement of the title until we’re able to experience the complete game at our leisure. We hope to have a review up sometime next week and will be sure to scream it from the rooftops when we do.

Until that happens, we’d like to direct you to our newly-posted preview of the game here.

Thanks for your patience as we properly tackle what we hope is among the finest games of the generation.