MegaSphere Launches Into Early Access With New Trailer and Demo

It says something about a protagonist when they look into the starry void of space, realize there’s fewer and fewer stars lighting up the place, and decide “Let’s fix that.”  You’d think a humanoid ATAI unit with a corrupted memory wouldn’t be quite so positive about its ability to restore missing stars, but he’s got a laser rifle so obviously no job can ever be too big to handle.  Whatever the mystery of the disappearing stars may be, it’s going to take the best 32-bit style 2D run & gun action through giant randomized space stations to conquer.

MegaSphere just launched on Early Access and a few hours ago as of the time of this writing and it’s already a stunner.  It’s early and buggy, and gamepad support is still spotty (I can’t assign any functions to the triggers on my Xbox 360 pad yet), but the pixel-art and sheer attention to detail is already amazing.  The first thing I did in the safe section of the station I started in was to fire my gun, getting a sense of how it handles and aims, only to find the cables dangling from the ceiling aren’t simple decorations but rather interactive objects that break with a few hits, showering pixel-sparks onto the floor.  More, jumping into them causes interference as you slow down and the cable swings about, meaning they’re another thing you’ll need to pay attention to when the robots start swarming.  Enemies take a good amount of firepower to go down and don’t tend to sit there politely soaking it up, making each of the many encounters feel consequential.  There’s a deep gun upgrade system at play but, as of this writing, I haven’t had time to dive into it and see how the pieces fit together yet.  That’s for a bigger article later, but for right now check out the trailer below, and get the demo over on Steam or at  MegaSphere feels like it’s going to be a special one, and it’s well worth the time to get a sense of what it has to offer.