Street Fighter V Worldwide PS4 Beta Starts This Friday

After their false-starts, Capcom went hard at their servers, making improvements and stress testing to ensure quality and strength under ideally-unrealistic loads. With such tests yielding satisfactory results, Capcom employee and pro gamer Peter “ComboFiend” Rosas announced that the Street Fighter V PlayStation 4 International beta is ready to go again:

The worldwide beta test will begin on August 28th at 4pm PST (August 29th 12:00am BST/ 8:00am JST), and will continue for five days and end on September 2nd at 7am PST (3:00pm BST/11:00pm JST). Outside of the servers being shut down for periodic maintenance, we expect everything to run continuously throughout the entire five day beta period.

Although we want you all to experience the awesomeness that is Street Fighter V during this time, please note that this is a beta and users may run into connectivity issues. This data is extremely helpful to us, as it will ensure that the final product will have the most optimal net code. In case there are issues, be sure to follow @SFVServer on Twitter for the latest updates on the status of the server.

Lastly, to help ensure that those that log into the beta have the best possible experience, we recommend the following:

  • Wired internet connections provide more stable speeds than Wi-Fi, so use a wired connection if you can.
  • Avoid downloading files in the background while playing, as it takes up bandwidth and slows your connection.

Participants will want to pay extra attention to the last two bullet points. Capcom is recommending a wired connection for your PlayStation 4 and to clear up as much bandwidth as you can when you play the beta. While these measures are definitely general rules of thumb – it is a fighting game after all, where nearly every frame counts – we have definitely yet to see how well this beta relaunch performs.

No news yet concerning the PC beta, unfortunately. But hopefully with a successful PlayStation 4 beta, PC users can see their beta incoming in the near future as well. Street Fighter V is targeted for a March 2016 release on PlayStation 4 and PC. For more on Street Fighter V, check out our hands-on preview.