Astro Gaming Announces New Tournament Ready Headset

A leader in the luxury side of the industry, Astro Gaming has announced a new series of gaming headsets today. As much as Astro has created products in the past that are consistently used during championships, they’ve developed a new set that are dedicated to the Tournament Ready (TR) label.

The A40 TR headset will allow for Astro Gaming’s fully customizable Mod Kits that will give gamers the ability to swap in and out components to better fit their needs. This includes newly padded headrests, closed-back speaker tags, a voice-isolating mic, and my personal favorite, leather noise-cancelling ear cushions. There will be Black Ops III and Astro Gaming Tournament Ready Mod Kits to kickoff this new lineup of accessories, each running consumers $60.

There’s also a new MixAmp this time around: MixAmp Pro TR. This little gadget allows for easy access to game and voice balancing, customizable EQ settings, digital daisy chaining for lag-free voice chat, USB sound card functionality, and Astro’s very own Command Center application for PC and Mac.

The A40 TR series will be available later this year in both black and white designs, along with being compatible for PS4, PS3, PC and Mac. Those who can’t wait to get their hands on it, there are prototype models being shown at PAX Prime today.