Brock Lesnar WWE 2K16 Entrance Video Revealed

Brock Lesnar has been back in the fold for WWE’s games since WWE ’12. Then, he was included because both the UFC and WWE games were published by THQ, so it was a pretty easy move to have him in both the UFC and WWE games at the same time. Since then, he’s been in EA Sports UFC due to UFC holding likeness rights permanently for gaming, and WWE has featured him in every game release since his post-UFC return to the company in 2013.

However, the in-game version of Brock has always been a bit marred by the lack of his sponsorship logos on his gear. With the red and black shorts, it was quite jarring since they were all over that set of gear. His 2013-present black shorts have only had a couple of logos, so one would think that they would just use some of his many tattoos in place of them. Since Brock has his back tat on his gear, that has now been added here to 2K16, even though it could have been in 2K15 as well and a smaller version has been placed on the front instead of a Jimmy John’s logo. There’s no word yet on whether or not gear custimization will return from 2K14 without that requiring a created character slot, but at least the default Brock looks accurate enough now – and this slightly revamped entrance for the babyface version of Brock reflects that.