Game of Thrones Pinball Coming From Stern

While the actual news-type announcement is slated for next Tuesday, HBO gave the Wall Street Journal the official scoop on the title of Stern’s next pinball-  Game of Thrones.  There’s not much information available and the teaser video doesn’t show a single frame of what the table actually looks like, but full details are scheduled for Tuesday.  Anything else is pure speculation, but maybe the Red Wedding mode will be a giant magnet at the center of the flippers and two lesser magnets beside the out-lanes.  Maybe the pro model will come with a graphic nudity mod.  Maybe your favorite ball will just die unexpectedly in the middle of play.  Maybe the last couple of game modes will be along in a few years, when and as they’re completed.  Game of Thrones is getting a pinball and anything is possible.  We’ll have more details once the holiday weekend is over and the official announcement is ready, but for now, let the speculation run wild.

The teaser video is exclusive to The Wall Street Journal, so feel free to have a look at it over here.  It’s just a pinball rolling around the animation of the show’s intro, though, so while it looks neat it’s not particularly informative.