Dwarfs Are Mad in Total War: WARHAMMER’s In-Engine Cinematic Trailer

Total War: WARHAMMER is looking like it will be a welcome resurgence of fantasy real-time strategy games. From developer Creative Assembly, the latest in Total War: WARHAMMER’s hype machine is an in-engine cinematic trailer featuring Drawfen High King Thorgrim and his Great Book of Grudges – the Dammaz Kron. Being the angry, grudge-bearing man he is, Thorgrim totally goes to war over the many, many wrongs done to his people over the course of history whenever the opportunity presents itself. The latest targets being the Orks.

Take a look at the Dwarf cinematic trailer below, made with in-game models and animations. Total War: WARHAMMER is a PC exclusive and will come out sometime next year.

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