Tacopocalypse Nears 50% Funded on Kickstarter

Imagine that you’re a taco delivery person. Now, imagine that it’s the apocalypse. What do you do now? According to Tacopocalypse, you just keep on doing your taco delivery job to feed customers surviving the disaster.

Your car isn’t any old delivery vehicle. As it turns out, it’s a stunt car with controls similar in nature to a Tony Hawk title. As you race your way to delivery tasty tacos, you’ll be able to do ridiculous stunts, grind rails, and generally drive like a maniac.

Tacopocalypse has a little over a week left on Kickstarter and needs about $5,000 more to make its $10,000 goal. Curious about this oddball title? There’s a demo available for Windows if you’d like to get behind the wheel. Developer Cherry Pie Games also put up a Greenlight page¬†which still needs votes.