Xbox One is ‘Literally a Windows Device’ Microsoft Says

The Xbox One is “literally a Windows device,” according to Microsoft Chief Marketing Officer Chris Capossela.

During a CITI Global Technology Conference,(DuelShockers) Capossela said “a core power metric for us is Windows 10 devices. That’s not a PC statement. That will be phones, that will be tablets, that will be laptops, that will be desktops, that will be big surface hubs, that will be Xboxes. Xboxes today run Windows, and so every time we sell an Xbox we’re actually creating a Windows active device that hopefully people love it, it’s their gaming device, in their living room. It is not a separate animal. It is literately a Windows device.”

Microsoft 10 launched at the end of July. By 2018, the company wants the operating system to reach 1 billion devices.