The Screenshot Saturday Baker’s Dozen

There’s a weekly hashtag on Twitter used by game designers show off bits and pieces of whatever they have in production.  Maybe it’s a game, maybe it’s a lighting engine, maybe it’s just something they made as  quick one-off, but #screenshotsaturday is a lot of fun to look through every week.  The current plan with this recurring feature, then, is to pick out twelve entries that catch our attention.  This doesn’t mean “best” or any other indicator of quality, but rather a handful of things being shown off that impressed, entertained, or even amused.  The list is ruthlessly trimmed down to a manageable dozen plus a final bonus image, maybe not necessarily game related but still fun to look at.  Let’s see what the week has to offer-

Domina-  A “pixel gladiator game” being worked on by bignic, the musician behind Zenzizenzic’s tunes and nifty chiptunes album You Are Not Dead Yet.  There isn’t a lot of detail on this available yet, but hit up bignic’s Twitter feed for a bunch more .gifs from today.

Pixel Galaxy- Control a white pixel, latch onto other pixels that have actual offensive capabilities, don’t get too upset when they get shot off, and above all, keep collecting more pixels!  Each one acts as a buffer between your defenseless white pixel and the massive bullet patterns coming your way.  This has come an incredible way since its Kickstarter days, and the impending Steam release this week is something to look forward to.

Star Bridge-   Zaxxon-iest game I’ve seen in years.  iOS-only for now, though.

Rise & Shine-  Fantastically-animated side-scrolling run & gun shooter through a video-game world called Gamearth.  You’re a kid who’s found a talking super-gun that you can use to fight back against the space marines who have overrun the place.

Angels Fall First- Space combat game where you can do anything from commanding a battleship to flying a fighter, to running a boarding party to take over an enemy carrier.  It’s about as ambitious as a space combat game can get, and looking awfully pretty.

Slain-  Crazy badass hyper-metal side scrolling 2D pixel art action slasher.  It’s described as a “puzzle-combat platformer”, so there may be some thinking required outside of the best way to get a white-haired hero gory up to his eyebrows.

The Great Emoticon- Pleasantly odd top-down action adventure game starring a Science Knight who must use the three emotional states of his sword to defeat the minions of the King of the Emoticons.  Weird?  You bet!

Endless Wave-  Pretty much as you’d expect, you surf an endless wave.  Sharks, tornadoes, pirates, and who knows what else will show up to make it difficult.  More than anything else, I’m hoping that pixel water moves as nice as it looks.

Astroneer-  Much as I’d love to say what this is, there’s no info on it yet.  The developer Twitter account has a total of one tweet, the web page has a logo, and the game’s Twitter is fairly new as well.  But yeah, that .gif makes me want to know more.

Slime Rancher-  This has been covered before but it was a while ago, so- Move to a new planet, capture and raise the local wildlife who happen to be slimes, and watch out for the overwhelming volume of Cute they throw your way.

Warhex- A weekend game project, turn-based hex strategy on a lovely-looking low-poly global map.

Relativity-  The developer has a ton of amazing screens on his Twitter feed, so head over and check them out.  This just happens to be one of today’s, but for pure architecture porn there’s dozens more where that came from.  Relativity is described as “a first-person exploration puzzle game in an Escher-esque world”, and with screens like this and those on the rest of William Chyr’s Twitter, it’s a world I can’t wait to poke around in.

Bonus Image!

Planet Centauri-  Who can resists a melodramatic bunny?