New Tokyo Ghoul Mobile Game Announced

Today it was announced that GameSamba and FUNimation Entertainment are collaborating once again to produce a mobile game based on the hit manga and anime series “Tokyo Ghoul”.

Originally created by Sui Ishida, and inspired by “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka, Tokyo Ghoul is set in a fictional version of Tokyo where supernatural creatures called Ghouls secretly dwell among humans. When they aren’t being intense or fighting, Ghouls look and behave identical to humans – they just need to eat human flesh to survive. Newcomers to the series will want to suspend their disbelief just a bit at this point, but it pays off. In the Tokyo Ghoul world, Ghouls have presumably existed for a long time. So naturally, humankind is well aware of their presence, their abilities, and their very, very specific diet. To defend themselves and to wipe out their final predator, humans hunt and fight Ghouls through an organization called The Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG). It isn’t entirely a battle story though, if you take away their supernatural abilities and arbitrary need for human flesh, Ghouls are just people chased into a corner. Tokyo Ghoul offers a very human look at beings that need to eat humans to survive and features some energetically robust action, dark themes, gruesome imagery,¬†flawed characters with great hair, and a love for coffee – all layered over a pretty intelligent discussion on whether we as a species could truly co-exist with another that literally needed to eat us.

According to the CEO and President of FUNimation, Gen Fukunaga, a Tokyo Ghoul mobile game has been in high demand since the first season of the anime started airing both in Japan and in the US. Though it doesn’t seem to have it’s own title yet, the Tokyo Ghoul mobile game will focus on the cat-and-mount conflict between the human CCG and the Ghouls. Players will need to pick a side and influence the direction the conflict takes. The game is meant to include both action game and RPG elements, and is obligatorily promised to remain faithful to its source material.

The Tokyo Ghoul mobile game will be available in English worldwide for Android and iOS sometime next year.