Release Date Pushed Back for cRPG and D&D-Sim Sword Coast Legends

Dungeons & Dragons pseudo-simulator and cRPG Sword Coast Legends was originally supposed to come out earlier this month. Regrettably, back in August, the game was pushed from that early September date to next week (the 29th, in fact), so that the developers could polish things up a bit. But now, it has been pushed back again by a few weeks. While the game was slated for the aforementioned September 29 release date, it would seem developer n-Space got some feedback from the community over this past weekend (during the game’s headstart period), that is putting them in a place to bump the release for reasons of polish yet again.

While we were not part of the headstart weekend, from what we heard the game had some bugs that needed ironing out. We’re not surprised to hear this, however, seeing as how complex a game Sword Coast Legends actually is. In one respect, it’s a Pillars of Eternity/Baldur’s Gate-style RPG that has an expansive single player campaign, which can be played solo or with up to three friends. In another respect, it’s a 5-player hack-a-thon where the fifth player acts as the DM who can create story campaigns from scratch and/or be an active dungeon master, and a consistent thorn in the side of the four other players, as they try to navigate the DM’s created dungeons and his/her on-the-fly tactics. Needless to say, it missing its intended launch date a few times isn’t all that shocking.

Still, it has some folks a little frustrated simply because the game looks pretty fantastic–and at this stage, I think players just want to finally get their hands on the game. After all, it’s been quite some time since the D&D franchise has had a true-to-form, competent game. (Neverwinter doesn’t count; Neverwinter Nights does, and that was years ago.) Nevertheless, n-Space is trying to make up for the issue by giving away another headstart weekend for those who pre-order, in addition to free DLC.

So, at this time, Sword Coast Legends is set for an October 20 release date. If the game’s pre-ordered on Steam, folks can grab it for $34.99. If you pick it up on launch day, it’ll set you back by $40.