Final Fantasy XII HD Possibly Outed by Strategy Guide

There’s something hilarious, eye-rolling, and sort of hopeful about a company’s employee spilling the beans on an upcoming project only to then have the company-in-question provide a statement that said leaked game is in fact not a real thing, only to then have a strategy guide company, of all people, be the ones to spill the beans again after said company already denied said game’s existence. Ignoring that massive run-on sentence, that seems to be what’s happening with Final Fantasy XII HD.

Back in early August, Distant Worlds conductor and composer Arnie Roth announced at one of his performances that a remaster of the twelfth installment in the famed JRPG series was indeed happening. This was then later confirmed by Square Enix composer Hitoshi Sakimoto, who just so happened to be in attendance for Roth’s show and subsequent announcement. Of course, just a few days later, Square Enix put out a statement denying that the project existed, and that was that–we all went back to our lives, disappointed that the criminally underrated Final Fantasy XII was not getting a remaster after all.

Fast-forward to now, when folks started getting their hands on the next Final Fantasy Collector’s Edition strategy guide bundle by company Prima Games, and we’re back to believing XII HD is actually a thing again! (Wow, what a roller coaster this has been.)

Like the first Prima FF strategy guide bundle, that compiled books for Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and IX, this new bundle covers installments X, X-2, and–wait for it–XII. Now, that’s not all that important or indicative of anything in and of itself really, as the PSX-era FF’s got their own bundle and it certainly didn’t mean VIII or IX were getting an HD face-lift any time soon. So then, the real proof comes from a blurb inside the XII guide that says the following:

A revised interior design, brand-new HD screenshots, and comes in at 352 pages. These screenshots were updated from the PS2 version of the game, captured in 720p.

Now, maybe we’re reading into this too much–since there’s not a hard confirmation of the project in there–but it doesn’t take much of a jump in logic to put two and two together here, seeing as that the 720p they used to capture their screens could be indicative of the remastered game. At least, that’s what fans are speculating. Thus the rumor wheel is back in full motion, working over time even.

At this point, it may be wise of Square Enix to just come out and announce the damn game themselves already, because Final Fantasy XII HD is slowly becoming the industry’s worst kept secret.