More Potentially Underwhelming Arkham Knight DLC is Imminent

If you’re going to point your finger at a single game that seems to be taking advantage of the idea of a season pass, look no further than Batman: Arkham Knight, the AAA game with the $40 season pass full of content that still hasn’t been completely announced. Even though we still aren’t sure whether or not people are going to get their money’s worth (though the answer is almost certainly no, considering the weak DLC offerings to date from this year’s biggest superhero title), those hoping for a chance to do more things in Batman: Arkham Knight are going to get…well, some stuff.

Yes, you’re going to have a new miniature story to play through, with Nightwing taking on the Penguin in all sorts of stun-baton riddled excitement next Tuesday, but the main selling points of this latest DLC update (according to the order in which WB Games mentions these items) are more Batmobile and Batman skins, which will be available today. Add this to some additional challenges, and there is certainly a fair amount of content coming to Arkham Knight season pass holders over the next two weeks, but sadly none of it appears to be truly meaningful.

Take a look at the trailer for the latest Arkham Knight DLC, unless of course you’re looking to keep what you paid for a secret for an extended period of time.