Everything We Know About the Uncharted Movie So Far

The Uncharted movie adaptation has been rolling through development for years now and since the Sony hack and the reveal of how Sony has been poorly handling the adaptation of PlayStation’s adventurous mascot, one thing has been clear: they still have no idea what they’re doing. First they wanted to cast the likes of Mark “Marky” Wahlberg and Chris Hemsworth to star as our beloved adventurer, then they wanted to change up the entire story so that it represented nothing of its original source material. What could they possibly want to do now for this sure to fail and hollow adaptation of a great tale of adventure?

A release date of June 30, 2017 has been announced, but with the lack of key pieces being in place, it’s hard to believe that the film will be handled with any care. The film has seen its fair share of writers and directors going in and out its doors with many undesirable leading man names being tosses around. There is, however, one thing that has finally laid down some cement for the foundation: Sony has finally settled on who its screenplay writers are going to be. Mark Boal, who has written films such as Zero Dark Thirty and The Hurt Locker, and Thomas Dean Donnelly, who wrote for the upcoming film Doctor Strange, Conan the Barbarian and Sahara. Cormac Wibberley and Marianne Wibberley will also serve as screenplay writers along with David Guggenheim and Joshua Oppenheimer serving as writers. That’s a lot of writing going from the first script all the way to the final product. Seth Gordon has already left the film in its early stages due to creative differences, so what else could this potential nightmare be stepping up to bat with?

A potential disaster was adverted solely by pure luck as Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg were offered the opportunity to write the movie which would have surely had Drake or Sully in the middle of a low-brow pot joke, as Rogen loves his low brow pot jokes that he incorporates within every movie he’s attached to. Low-brow jokes are fine and Seth Rogan is a funny man, it’s just his type of humor doesn’t match up with Nathan Drake’s sense of humor and would not have done the character any justice when trying to make the audience crack a smile. Fortunately they declined, with Goldberg clarifying his reasoning behind turning down the high profile project as he feels that Uncharted will be nothing more than another Indiana Jones. What he must not realize, however, is that is the entire point behind Uncharted; Drake is this generation’s Indiana Jones and if he doesn’t see that, then he shouldn’t be writing for Drake.

Cast names have been dropped and tossed all over the place with no clear clue as to who the studio is serious about and who is just a rumor, but the following seem to be the most likely names that will be popping up as production starts to role around. Both Pratt and Wahlberg are indeed being considered to take on the role of leading man and online rumors have it if Pratt is to be our Nathan Drake, then there is still a possibility that Wahlberg could still be joining him in some capacity. Other names to be mentioned in connection with the film are Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Scarlett Johansson and Amy Adams among others. The idea of Robert De Niro portraying father figure and fellow treasure hunter Sully is interesting, but the best actor for the role would either be Bruce Campbell or J.K Simmons; the latter has the perfect gruff and charming manner that Sully brings to the series. Johansson just doesn’t seem to fit Elena Fisher’s part. Yes, she is a superstar and a gifted actress, but if we could chose anyone to portray Elena Fisher, why not have Emily Rose do it?

There’s been talks about Nolan North as Drake and the only thing stopping that from becoming a reality is his age, so why not have the wonderful women who brought Elena to life to begin with? Sure the star power behind Johansson is there to put meat in the seats, but Rose is no stranger to acting. She has been in multiple productions such as Haven, Two and a Half Men, Jericho, ER and Graceland amongst many more. She’s a star just waiting to break out and the Uncharted film could do just that for her.

It’s a long way off until we see the Uncharted movie hit theaters and there is still much that could go wrong with the adaptation, but our hopes are that we get something that at least brings justice to our beloved characters. The Walking Dead has proven that a intellectual property can travel off the path of its source material and still ring true to the overall story and do its characters justice, but TWD also has its creator Robert Kirkman working in the writer’s room and remaining close to each and every project regarding his comic. The Uncharted adaptation has no ties to its original creator Amy Hennig or its publisher Naughty Dog, meaning its completely in the hands of Sony Pictures. At least we can all sleep well at night knowing that Neil Druckmann has close ties to his game-to-movie adaptation of The Last of Us.