Volgarr the Viking Comes to Dreamcast

Volgarr the Viking is one of the finer faux-retro games out there. Heavily inspired by Rastan, it gave gamers who grew up in the 16-bit era a game that was as legitimately difficult as one made back in that time. It was initially a PC release and hit the Xbox One as well – but it never got a retro console release. Unofficially however, it has – as a Volgarr dev did a side project and ported the game to the Dreamcast. It’s available as a CDI image, which means you can either play it on a Dreamcast emulator (nullDC crashed while playing it), or burn a copy of it on a CD-R for your Dreamcast.

Playing it on the native hardware through VGA revealed a picture that was about as crisp as one could expect – and was nearly on par clarity-wise with the Xbox One and PC versions. Loading times aren’t too bad, and for a game with stiff controls for a reason, the stiff DC pad almost fits it perfectly. It’s not quite as comfortable as using an Xbox One controller, but it’s serviceable. If you haven’t tried the game out yet, this is one way to enjoy it – although obviously supporting an official release is far better. It shows that there’s a paying market for this kind of game, and that counts for a lot when it comes to things like more retro compilations like the Mega Man Legacy Collection and Rare Replay being made.