New Screens Released for Horror Game The Park

Online multiplayer developer Funcom has released new screenshots for their upcoming horror game The Park that is set for an October launch.  These new screens finally give some visibility as to the characters that will be featured in the game as well as some of the locations that you will be able to visit.  The Park revolves around the story of a mother whose son has gone missing at the Atlantic Island Park.  Of course, once night falls though, a strange being lurks the darkness and it’s up to a mother’s will and love to find her son and escape the park.

In reference to these new screens, Creative Director Joel Bylos said, “It is great to see how the game is moving along. Characters, sound, cinematics, environments, story and gameplay are all coming together. ‘The Park’ is in its last phase of polish and the team is very excited to launch the game in October.”

Check out these new screenshots below: