Screenshot Saturday Baker’s Dozen for September 26

Screenshot Saturday is the best day.  New things that have never been seen before from games that are under construction makes for fun viewing, and each week brings hundreds of them to Twitter.  This feature picks 12 (plus bonus) images based on personal preference, and while I make no claims as to the eventual quality of the games I can say that each image is fun to look at.  Don’t forget to click on the arrows for the animated .gifs.

Space Grunts- This is a turn-based sci-fi roguelike currently available on Steam Early Access.  Its promo video makes it look a bit like a more explosion-oriented Magic Dungeon game, which is never a bad thing.

Skycurser-  Skycurser is a horizontal shooter that’s been working its way towards completion for a while now, and its eventual home is as an actual quarter-munching arcade machine.  If the screen above doesn’t make it clear, the game is also a thing of twisted pixel-art beauty.

Rot Purge- A sequel to the web game Rot, this voxel-based arena zombie shooter is currently working its way through Greenlight with the promise of massively expanded options, especially in regards to destructible goodies.  Cute, fun, and bloody is always a nice combination.

Slain!-  It’s going to be really hard not to feature this side-scrolling action slasher every week with shots like this.

Knotmania-  Creepy wormy twisty iOS game about untangling aliens.  It’s weird and fascinating despite being kinda wrong.

Unnamed prototype-  There’s no game attached to this yet, but I love the way the dice bounce and the figures move.

Momodora 4-  The fourth game in the Momodora series is looking absolutely lovely with more detailed sprite work than ever before.  Normally an action as simple as saving the game isn’t worth an animated .gif, but Momodora 4 justifies it completely.

No game, near as I can tell.  It’s just amazingly pretty.

Explosionade-  This is one of the four titles released to Steam by Mommy’s Best Games this week, seeing as Xbox Live Indie Games is on its last dying breath.  They were more than a little great so it’s about time they found a new home, and hopefully a nice reception there.

Gnog-  Gnog is a game about opening up giant weird heads and discovering the strange secrets inside.  The reason we have video games is so sentences like that can happen.

The Great Emoticon- This is another game making its return to this feature, but with an animation loop like that it can take up as much space as it likes.  Top-down action adventure in a strange future where three emotions are all you get, and are wielded as weapons.

Pollen-  As the tweet says, “procedural butterfly shooter”.  What other possible justification could be required?

Bonus Screen-

EleMetals-  How on earth does a sprite that small hold so much blood!?