ARK: Survival Evolved Has New Territories to Claim

Dinosaur-infested, indie open-world, MMO survival game ARK: Survival Evolved is having a great time on Steam Early Access. Keeping their early adopters well occupied, developer Studio Wildcard has opened up two new biomes on the in-game dinosaur island of ARK.

The new “Swamp” and “Snow” regions are pretty much exactly what they sound like. Accompanying these new areas are, of course, new creatures to fight and tame. The Swamp is populated with the standard fare of gators, snakes, insects, and “Beezlebufo” giant frogs. Tame the gigantic frogs and you’ll be leaping high bounds while riding on its back – which could come in handysince the Swamp is so full of poisonous plants. But careful players can also harvest the poisonous plants for crafting.

The Snow zone is equally deadly. Players will need to stay warm, crafting and wearing thicker gear. Hungry “Dire Wolves” lurk in the snow, but can serve as a fast mount if tamed. Their speed will come in handy for anyone interested in hunting the indigenous Megaloceros “Stags” who prance about the frozen wastes. The Snow zone also offers plenty of high value resources for harvesting.

Together with new furniture items, the new zones offer plenty to see in this latest update to ARK: Survival Evolved. For a look at this latest patch, take a peek at the trailer below.

ARK: Survival Evolved is due out sometime next June. For more on ARK: Survival Evolved, check out our preview right here.