Edge of Eternity Gets New Screenshots

Since Edge of Eternity reached it’s Kickstarter goal back in March, we’ve seen very few updates on the progress that the game has been making, until now.  Midgar Studio released it’s third update on the game with new screenshots of the graphical improvements and battle system that the stretch goals helped pay for.  Other updates included were staff opportunities for animators, (hopefully to continue to make the game as great as it looks), and themes for the characters, battles, and the title screen.

The game is scheduled to release some time in 2016 for PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, and PS4 with the pre-alpha demo of the game for PC, Mac, and Linux available on their Kickstarter page.

You can check out more about the progress for Edge of Eternity either on the game’s website or on it’s Kickstarter page.

Check out some of the screenshots below: