Super Mario Maker Sales Surpass 1 Million Units

Nintendo has found another Wii U hit in Super Mario Maker. The quirky Wii U exclusive allows players to create their own Super Mario levels and share them with the world. Today, we know just how big of a hit Super Mario Maker is.

Nintendo has revealed that Super Mario Maker has sold more that 1 million units in less than a month. More than 2.2 million Super Mario courses have been created, which have been played over 75 million times

“For Mario fans around the world, including myself, Super Mario Maker was a dream 30 years in the making,” said Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime. “The game has captured and unlocked the imaginations of gaming fans of all ages and brought their dedication to Nintendo to a whole new level.”

Super Mario Maker utilizes the Wii U Gamepad to give players a unique way to create Super Mario levels in four different Super Mario styles. Finished levels are uploaded to the game and made playable for anyone around the world. In our review, we found Super Mario Maker to be a special kind of game that reminds us what makes video games so special in the first place. Super Mario Maker launched September 11 on Wii U.