Get to Know Princess Styla in New Tri Force Heroes Trailer

The 3DS’s latest marquee title, The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes, has looked quite promising since its reveal at E3 back in June, but a new trailer released today takes the games charm to a new level, thanks to narration from the one and only Princess Styla.  In Tri Force Heroes, the Styla’s style has been stolen, leaving it up to you and two other players to conquer 32 dungeons designed to test your teamwork and puzzle prowess to regain what she lost, upgrading your own duds as you progress.

As you complete quests in the Drablands, you’ll collect materials which can be taken to the local tailor to sew new outfits, each possessing a unique ability that can help you and your teammates on missions. Tri Force Heroes’ focus on fashion makes it unlike any Zelda game before it, and gives it a delightful lighthearted tone that comes across wonderfully in the new trailer. It’ll be available in North America on October 23, so make sure to prepare your best outfit for the big day.