Lost and Alone in the Big Open City in Doggy Adventure Home Free

The city is a big and scary place, and not designed for a lonely dog.  Cars and people and other dogs fill the streets with danger, and hunger is always a driving need.  Home Free is the story of a dog who lost its owner one day, and now has to survive in the city.  It showed up on Kickstarter the other day and is easily one of the most promising and original game pitches to arrive on the service in a long while.

Every new game gets a new procedurally generated city, because if you’re going to be lost it defeats the purpose to know the map in advance.  The city is filled with trouble and opportunity in equal measure, once you learn its ways.  Where is the best food, and when does it appear?  Which sections of town are claimed by dog packs and which can you mark as your own territory?  Which other dogs can you make friends with?  And where on earth did your owner get to?  There’s a lot going on for a dog to unravel, and Home Free is taking extra care to make sure that the main character actually is a dog, rather than a human on four legs.  It’s an open-world action RPG, and the Role you’ll be Playing in this Game is all canine.

Home Free is focusing on the doggy experience with a dozen different breeds, extensive animation of canine movement, and gameplay systems built around how dogs perceive the world.  A prime example is the mutiplayer bonus game Dog Park, which has been tested and played at various gaming expos already.  Dogs don’t play to win but rather for the joy of playing, so while the game modes of Dog Park have an objective the winner is the dog that has the most fun playing towards it, rather than the one that succeed most.  Playing as a dog is more than just crawling around on all fours, and Home Alone has ambitions to reinforce how they think in every action and interaction.  The city is a big, scary place, but its territory a dog can learn to live in.  With a little exploration, a lot of roleplaying, and some help from other doggy friends, maybe you can even master its systems.  Maybe, if everything goes right, you might even find your way back to the person that used to be Home.

Head on over to Kickstarter for more details.  Home Free has been running for only a few days and is almost at 100% funding at the time of this writing, and with a little luck and attention maybe a few stretch goals can be added.  Who can resist the chance to play as a corgi?