Azubu Can Predict League Of Legends Matches

Streaming service Azubu has created an algorithm to predict who will win whatever League of Legends match you’re watching during Worlds.

How does it do this? Well according to Azubu, it’s a combination between historical information and their proprietary match prediction algorithm. In order to test this out all you need to do is go to the League of Legends official Azubu page here. Once you’re on the page all you need to do is activate the Azubu Prediction Engine or APE and 5 minutes before each match Azubu will work their magic. Right before match starts, however, the prediction will disappear. Along with a match prediction they’ll also display a detailed analysis of each of the players participating.

Here’s a statement from Azubu as to why they created APE:

It is important to constantly push the technology that supports eSports broadcasting further. With overlays like these, we want to give fans the ability to choose what they see, when they see it.” said Anton Ferraro, Director of Content at Azubu. “The team here has been working extremely hard to create a product that empowers viewers and streamers like never before. The Azubu Prediction Engine is only the first step of a product rollout that will set the bar for what video streaming should allow you to do

APE will be available throughout the Worlds tournament so plenty of time to put it through it’s paces.