Episode 2 of Xenoblade Chronicles X’s Survival Guide Released

Xenoblade Chronicles X is arguably the biggest JRPG releasing this fall. It’s also one of the biggest games releasing on a Nintendo platform this year. Thus, it makes sense that Nintendo is in full PR mode, hoping to shed some light on the massive sequel to the Wii’s lovely Japanese roleplaying game Xenoblade Chronicles. The Big N recently released the first episode in their video series entitled “Survival Guide” that looks at how to effectively play Chronicles X without getting utterly destroyed by its array monsters.

Today, we give your episode 2 of this series, which focuses on combat and using skills during encounters. It’s a 10-minute look at what the game’s battling system looks like; and to say that it’s beautiful may be an understatement. Scope the video¬†below.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is set for release on December 12 here in North America for Wii U.