Lionsgate Secure Multiplatform Deal for ‘Kingkiller Chronicles’

In an announcement via The Hollywood Reporter, Lionsgate Entertainment group have announced an agreement with bestselling author Patrick Rothfuss for his bestselling ‘The Kingkiller Chronicle’.  The deal encompasses the rights for video games and movies along with an ongoing TV series.

Rothfuss has indicated an intention for all three mediums to be produced simultaneously, stating:

“Honestly, I’ve never been very interested in a straight-up movie deal, but Lionsgate was willing to work out something different, a multiplatform deal where they develop the films, TV series, and games simultaneously. That will give us the screen time to develop the characters and show off the world. What’s more, through this whole process, they’ve treated me with amazing respect. I never thought a studio would approach me as a creative partner who understands how stories work.”

The first novel in The Kingkiller Chronicle

With The Kingkiller Chronicle selling over ten million copies between them and an upcoming (hopefully) release of the third book in the series, interest in these adaptions will be extremely high.

Look for further announcements, as well as possible information on Rothfuss’ third Kingkiller book, when he hosts Nerdcon: Stories for its inaugural year beginning October 9.