English Version of Onigiri Out Now on Xbox One, on PS4 Next Week

We talked about the action-MMORPG Onigiri from developer Cyberstep last week in our look at all the Japanese games headed to the Xbox One. In that piece, we discussed some of its mechanics and also that it looked pretty fun. And while it missed its intended September launch, the game is now live (as of yesterday) for folks playing on Xbox One in North America. For those on the PlayStation 4 side of things, you’ll have to wait just a few more days, with Onigiri launching on October 6.

We played about 4 hours of the game last night, and although it has its shortcomings, it’s actually a fairly competent and enjoyable hack-and-slash experience. It seems to be mostly struggling with server-side latency issues–likely due to the influx of players–but once those kinks get worked out, we can see the game doing quite well on home consoles. It was clearly built with a controller in mind, so the whole experience is rather fluid from a controls standpoint.

But hey, don’t take our word for it; go check it out yourself. Drop us a comment and let us know what you think of it.