Nintendo Releases System to Track Your Splatoon Stats

Kids and squids love splatting each other. It’s all fun and games but many take it quite seriously and want to see how well they’re doing. Because of those dedicated players, Nintendo has announced a way to find out all of your online stats.

SplatNet is a stat-tracking site dedicated to all sorts of Splatoon action. Just log in with your Nintendo Network ID and you’ll be able to check a bunch of stuff. You can check out which gear and weapons you’re using, see how well your rank is doing among friendsĀ and see which of them are already battling.

It’s also got some even cooler features that fans will surely appreciate and utilize such as a live-Tweet Battle Plan which automatically lets people know you’re online. You’ll also be able to see which stages are currently being played on and what’s coming next; it’ll give you a jump start on the competition. Finally, it’s available both on desktop and mobile browsers so you can check everything at any time.

You may run in to some connection issues when going to SplatNet but Nintendo is working on a fix. The site will be a really fun spot to check out all the information you need, hopefully wins, losses and kills will be added in the near future. Until then, continue with the splatting and make sure you pick a side for this weekend’s Splatfest.