Dontnod Entertainment Releases First Teaser for Life Is Strange Episode 5: Polarized

Developer Dontnod Entertainment released on Wednesday the first teaser video for Life Is Strange Episode 5: Polarized.

The teaser, titled “Storm Hits In 13 Days,” has Life Is Strange protagonist Max Caulfield returning to the same lighthouse that has continued to reoccur in her visions, with the tornado that is set to destroy her hometown of Arcadia Bay wreaking havoc in the area.

Check out the preview for Episode 5: Polarized below.

Hannah Telle, the voice actor for Max Caulfield, told Hardcore Gamer in an exclusive interview last month that Episode 5: Polarized will allow the player to witness the moment where “Max truly comes into her own.”

Not only did Telle praise Dontnod for the direction it has taken in depicting social themes like drugs and bullying in a respectful manner, she also spoke about the overwhelming success the title has received (commercially and criticially) and her admiration towards fellow Life Is Strange co-star Ashly Burch (Chloe Price’s voice actor).

Life Is Strange Episode 5: Polarized is scheduled for release on October 20 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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