Limited Run Games to Offer Exactly What the Company Name Says

Who loves physical games?  Not everyone, oddly enough, and in recent years physical has become almost like vinyl- a collector’s piece for a limited market.  Digital is easy, and physical is far more expensive to produce than just copying a file off a server.  On the other hand, have you tried to buy Marvel vs Capcom 2 and any of its DLC on the PSN marketplace lately?  There is a market out there for things that won’t disappear due to the variables of the digital market, and now a new publisher is working to serve it with short-run physical releases of about 1500 or so copies apiece.

Limited Run Games is a sub-company of Mighty Rabbit Studios, the developer behind Breach & Clear and Saturday Morning RPG.  Appropriately enough, the first releases are going to be those two games, with Breach & Clear releasing on October 29 when the web site goes live.  The current plan is to show off what the company can do by printing its own games, using them almost as a calling card to show other digital-only developers what the final product is like.  Limited Run is currently in talks with other developers already, of course, but it’s always good to have something to display.

The current plan is to, at least initially, focus on PS4 and Vita games, primarily because Sony is good about allowing smaller print runs.  Most games will be $24.99, unless the game already costs more, plus $3.99 shipping.  Each release will be numbered like a comic, with Breach & Clear being #1, Saturday Morning RPG #2, etc.  Shelving might be a bit weird, seeing as PS4 and Vita have differently-sized cases, but it’s a nice way to keep track of things.  As for Game #3, that’s a surprise for the future.

If this is a thing that catches your interest, head on over to the Limited Run Games Twitter and start following for notification when Breach & Clear ordering goes live.